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Process data acquisition, Plant monitoring, Pinch analysis, Energy consultancy, Mass and energy balances, Process evaluation and optimization, Material flow investigations, ...

Why PI

Process data analysis is time consuming and rarely makes fun: copy numbers around, "watch files loading", clean data manually, format charts again and again, pile up huge data archives and search for the needle in those haystacks. This must work much more efficient nowadays - and for this reason we made PI...


* PI reduces the time required for data preparation by factor 3 to 4 and the overall time for process analysis by 50%. For reoccurring analyses - e.g. for monitoring - time savings are even higher.

By the way: PI does require no installation, no integration, no certain user rights on your PC etc. - PI is a tool, available just in time when you need it.


Store millions of data easily while have fast access without getting lost. That's exactly what is required for sound process analysis...


Create charts dynamically, scroll and zoom, show timelines, cumulative curves, correlations and statistics. With only a few mouse clicks.


Work in teams on PI, grant access, define responsibilities, limit guest logins. With PI's flexible permission system no problem.


Add formulas, recalculate date intervals, sum and count values, do statistics, insert constants, train neuronal networks, show correlations in heatmaps, ...


Store your data in PI and use it straight in Excel, create spreadsheet models there, add charts and update all together ongoing? A child's play with 'PI Connect'.


Feeding results back to process, for complex or unknown relationships preferably via PIs artificial intelligence, neuronal networks and "reinforced learning". That's how process engineering 4.0 works.

Automate & AI

Sound engineering is often demanding. As qualified process engineers we support you according to your needs - not only off-site with data management but also on-site at your plant.



"As a district heating operator we are aiming to make our production needs-based and largely CO2 neutral. Therefore a forecast of the expected district heat demand within the next 6 to 24 hours as precise as possible is of high value. With this we started a "challenge" at the Energy Hackdays with approx. 300 MB of data.

Thanks to the powerful PI platform it was possible to analyse the different influencing parameters very quickly and to present a forecast model already at the next day. We got convinced by the easy usability of the tool without any programming knowledge and the flexible visualisation as well as the engineering expertise and process know-how of the provider during the following project work."

Toni Wietlisbach, AEW Energie AG

"The Swiss sewer system including wastewater treatment is now valued at around CHF 70 billion. It is therefore important to make optimal use of the existing building structure for water protection. Thanks to application of new intelligent sewer controls, up to 20% more wastewater can be retained in the sewer network. This dynamic control is very complex and generates a large amount of data.

With PI, we have managed to bring this large amount of data together and to demonstrate the wastewater emission behaviour in an understandable way. With increasing digitalization, PI will become a promising instrument for engineers."

Stefan Gautschi, BG Ingenieure und Berater AG

"In order to evaluate the cleaning performance of our Shock Pulse Generators, we have to merge and analyse current process data from various power plants and from our cleaning devices. Since we use the software PI for that we could significantly decrease the effort required.

Important to us are the flexible import procedure, the fast evaluations and the userfriendly visualisation of all values. Due to connection to the cloud we also have access to the system while being at our clients facilities and are able to upload and present new data right there."

Simon Roth, Explosion Power


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